Project sheet

The present application is part of a strategy aimed at the implementation of a new industrial plant, dedicated to the development and manufacture of innovative systems, their components and accessories, in a perspective of technological innovation, which foresees the realization of a set of interventions understood as structuring and indispensable for the achievement of the defined objectives, allowing Mindorbit to have the optimal conditions for the production and introduction of its products in the global market, enabling the desired dynamization of its performance in the foreign market and leading the company to a position of unequivocal technological leadership in its sector nationally and internationally.

It was within this framework that the structuring of the investment was carried out, with an implicit logic of continuous improvement and, therefore, of progression in the value chain, embodying a productive innovation project that will positively contribute to the much-needed qualification of the national business fabric, promoting the company unequivocal gains in productivity.

Approval Date: 05/18/2017
Start Date: 10/23/2017
Completion Date: 04/20/2021
Total Eligible Cost: €2,824,440.00
Total Eligible Cost (Accomplished): €2,663,995.70

Financial support from the European Union: ERDF – €1,977,108.00
Financial support from the European Union (realised): ERDF – €1,864,796.99